Career springboard

95% of our employees are in direct daily contact with our consumers. Sodexo's success depends on our employees’ expertise, pride, and pleasure in delivering our services across all of our businesses. We strive to ensure that each individual, whatever their qualifications, has the opportunity to continuously develop their skills and advance in their responsibilities.

For us, being a career accelerator begins by offering broad access to employment and ensuring the maximum possible job stability.

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Long-term jobs

The vast majority of jobs we offer are permanent contracts. In France, for example, 90% of our 35,000 employees have permanent contracts (compared with an average for all companies of 76%). Part-time or temporary workers are mainly hired in our foodservices activities. With our broad presence in many countries, publication of internal job offers can offer many opportunities for part-time workers: access to a full-time position or an opportunity to supplement their time with work on a nearby site.

Stable, protective, and challenging working environment

Providing a stable, protective, and challenging working environment at every step of your career is at the heart of our employer’s commitment.

For the fourth year running, Working Mother magazine named Sodexo one of the “Best Companies for Hourly Workers” for 2012, awarding those employers that have the best policies and programs for promoting women and a dynamic work life culture. The survey, conducted by the Working Mother Research Institute, found that women at the winning companies earned 56% of all promotions from hourly non-manager to non-exempt manager positions. Sodexo also offers its hourly workers personal and family health insurance benefits.



With activities across 80 countries and more than 150 families of jobs, we offer a vast array of opportunities for everybody whatever their background.