Training and personal development

Our employees’ development, a key to our success.

The increasingly sophisticated and varied expectations of our clients are constantly evolving, challenging our expertise and know-how. Training is a powerful strategic lever that enables us to respond to today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s.

In Qatar, the Human Resources and Training department jointly lead standard operating procedures and a range of training and support programs that are designed to equip our staff with the right skill set to exceed client expectations. Among these programs, key points:


  • Training identification process, linked to performance appraisals which is conducted every quarter for junior staff and every year for Senior Staff/Managers.
  • Employees identified for Career Progression undergo a 3 months program to upgrade their positions.
  • Every employee is issued a Training Passports wherein they capture all the trainings they undergo with us.
  • Focus on building Sodexo’s culture on site and off-site, through facilitating sessions all over the year.
  • Key employees undergo cross country training.
  • Management Development Program for Senior and Junior Managers is organized on yearly basis.
  • E-Learning facility with numerous modules are available online for our Managers and key staff training need. In addition several training modules are developed through multi media training materials in line with corporate guidelines.

Human Resources Key Figures

421,391 employees in 80 countries

18th largest employer in the world

85% of our employees prefer working for Sodexo over the competition *

363, 000 employees received training in Fiscal 2014

* Source: Sodexo


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